So What Is Psoriasis?

A number of people don’t know much about psoriasis. People often are left clueless when asked what is psoriasis but they recognize the condition as soon as photos are shown. For laymen, psoriasis is that chronic skin condition that is characterized by red patches of skin that appear to be swollen or raised. They appear to be silvery and scaly too. It is an auto immune disease that has affected 2 to 3 percent of people around the world. Scientists and medical researchers have been continuing their research in finding a permanent psoriasis cure. There are also those who have taken the path of searching for its holistic cure.

In this condition, the skin grows rapidly more than what it can shed off; hence as a result, a thick plaque forms.

Psoriasis has 5 different types but the most popular of them is plaque psoriasis. This type usually grows in the joint areas and it’s painful and itchy at the same time. Oftentimes, psoriasis tend to be mistaken as a different medical condition, and the best means to find out if it is indeed psoriasis is through bleeding. Psoriasis tends to bleed so easily and the drops of blood that are formed are often of pin point size.

So what is psoriasis’ effect on its sufferers? Psoriasis tends to be debilitating and crippling. It is primarily a hereditary illness that may be exacerbated by several factors such as diet, climate, season, lifestyle factors, and even personal hygiene. There are also substances that are known to worsen or trigger psoriasis and they have to be avoided. An example of these is gluten, which is why it’s necessary to refrain from using this starch in any of one’s food items.

Those who are more interested in holistic treatments have always been recommended specialized diet coupled with stress-free lifestyle to counter the symptoms. For these people, practicing these may work as the best psoriasis cure.

It has been observed from studies conducted that there’s a considerable improvement in psoriasis symptoms when dietary changes are implemented. It has been found out that the inclusion of zinc, omega-3 fatty acid, and vitamins in one’s staple diet can be the best means to cure psoriasis.

Detoxification has also been known to have a significant impact as psoriasis cure. You have to be aware that the effect of detoxification is the emission of toxins from the body. This also cleanses and strengthens the liver and colon.

There are also topical ointments, creams, and lotions that can be used for immediate treatment of the scaling, itching, and other symptoms that can be annoying.

Exposure to the sun’s UVB rays in a controlled manner can also help in eliminating symptoms. Patients can even find home equipment today that helps in redirecting UVB rays on the affected area specifically to hasten the effects.

Minerals found in Dead Sea salt have been known to have an effect on skin-related illnesses including psoriasis.

Homeopathic treatments are also available for psoriasis patients. They are known to aid in addressing the symptoms and managing stress.

All these psoriasis cures are safe to consider. After all, who doesn’t benefit from anything like lifestyle change?



Statistics About Psoriasis

% of Americans have psoriasis
% of the whole population worldwide have psoriasis
% of people report it is a huge problem
% of patients considered very severe

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