Scalp Psoriasis and Its Treatments

Scalp psoriasis is defined as psoriasis that grows on the scalp. It is a common condition that affects about half of those who are affected by psoriasis in general. This has to be researched well since it is not that easy to treat this condition. Most often, it requires especially formulated medications.

This type of psoriasis grows in the same manner as the other types, but the problem is that it gets entangled in the hair and is easily rubbed off on other parts. With scalp psoriasis, it is quite easy for the scales to build up which results to thicker plaque which can be more difficult to eliminate. Treating it is made more complicated with the presence of hair since it serves as physical barrier when applying ointment or cream on the affected area.

It’s quite easy to know if a person has scalp psoriasis. It is indicated by scales and redness that are visible on the hairline, forehead, behind the ears, and also at the nape. The symptoms can range from mild, to slightly fine, and severely crusted and thick scaling that affects the entire head, and at times it brings about temporary hair loss.

It is essential to have appropriate diagnosis of psoriasis on the scalp to implement the right treatment. There are several skin disorders that have almost the same symptoms as psoriasis, such as seborrhoeic dermatitis. The only difference seborrhoeic dermatitis has is that its scales are yellowish and greasy. What makes it frustrating and embarrassing is that you would have a constant supply of flakes on your shirt collar or shoulders.

When it comes to scalp psoriasis treatment, it’s the same for both adults and children. Yes, children can suffer from this type of psoriasis too. There are many treatment options for this condition, but the important thing is that it has to be applied regularly. It can be time-consuming as well; hence, it is crucial to choose one that matches your lifestyle. This type of psoriasis is also known for spontaneous remissions but it also has the tendency to stay on the scalp for a long period of time.

The following are some popular scalp psoriasis treatment options:

Tar creams, ointments, shampoos, and gels are popular treatments for psoriasis on the scalp. This can be used along with salicylic acid that removes the scale and coconut oil for moisturizing the scalp. Tar is known for effectiveness; but it is also known for staining the clothes and jewelry, and it gives off an awful smell.

There are also topical steroids that can be used in the form of gels, shampoos, foams, sprays, and liquids. They may range from super mild to the strongest, and they should not be used for a long period. It has to be used for a few weeks regularly until gradually stopping its application. For maintenance, one may use tar shampoo.

Vitamin D analogues can also be applied through water- or oil-based solutions. They should be applied to the scalp once or twice daily and left there. They’re easy to apply, and they don’t smell or stain.


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