Scalp Psoriasis and How Shampoos Help

Scalp psoriasis is a cause for concern to a huge number of individuals all over the world. Although it does not directly cause hair loss, scalp psoriasis brings to the table a lot of itching and discomfort along the way. This in turn makes sufferers prone to scratching their head a lot while picking at the scaly spots which can lead to temporary hair loss. The same can also be said with regard to stress and harsh treatments as this can also contribute to gradual hair loss. Many however were able to find a huge amount of relief from their scalp psoriasis in the form of shampoos. Let us look at a few shampoo options you can use to help treat the condition.

The Role of Shampoo

Shampoos are often included into the mix when discussing scalp psoriasis treatment. Psoriasis shampoo is a popular choice due to the fact that its medication will be able to reach target areas in a timely and effective manner. In contrast, topical medications will have a much harder time to heal the affected area because of the hair blocking its path. Shampoos on the other hand can help gently loosen the scales in the scalp while at the same time helps keep severe dandruff under control.

Types of Psoriasis Shampoo

It should be noted that there are a number of psoriasis shampoo brands patients can consider for their treatment. The two types of psoriasis shampoo include coal tar as well as the medicated ones. Coal tar is used on the hair and scalp to treat dandruff as well as other scaly, itchy skin conditions. The shampoo possesses a keratolytic nature which helps slow bacterial growth while at the same time contributes greatly in loosing and softening scales and crust in your scalp.

Assisting with the removal of flakes caused by your dandruff or psoriasis is what medicated shampoos excel on. Furthermore, they also aid in removing the buildup of dry, flaking skin. In addition, some medicated shampoos are able to refresh and invigorate the patient’s scalp during the cleaning process with the help of its menthol properties. This in turn reduces the likelihood of patients scratching their head very often.

Consult with Your Doctors

Even though psoriasis shampoos are very much accessible to the public with stores setting up and integrating their products over the internet, patients are still advised to get in touch with their doctors first before their purchase and acquisition. A number of patients have reported irritation when using coal tar shampoo only to find out that they are allergic to some of the ingredients that are found in it. The same can also be said with regard to medicated shampoos especially since they come in many varieties. For that matter, it is important for patients to receive a go signal from their doctors first to avoid wasting their time and resources in buying them. This in turn also avoids any complication and issues that might arise when using these types of shampoo for scalp psoriasis treatment.


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