Where to Find Remedy for Plaque Psoriasis

A huge number of individuals are plagued by a variety of skin disorders that may or may not have adverse effect with their appearance. Plaque psoriasis however often stands out with their identifiable traits appearing as raised, red patches covered with a silvery white buildup of dead skin cells or scale. They are often itchy while at the same time painful and this is because they can crack and bleed. Let us look at what causes plaque psoriasis as well as the remedies available that offers relief to the skin disorder.

The Cause of Psoriasis

The direct cause of psoriasis is still unclear to many scientists. With that being said, contrary to popular belief, one cannot get plaque psoriasis through contact with someone who has it. Genetics and family history are one of the main contributing factors that can cause someone to develop the disorder. For instance, if a person has an immediate family with the skin condition, the risk of developing psoriasis increases.

Your body’s immune system can also be attributed in the development of plaque psoriasis. Some patients reported that a stressful event, an injury or an infection led to its development. In some cases, patients got the disease by taking certain medicines, such as lithium, or medicine to prevent malaria.

Finding Relief for Plaque Psoriasis

It should be noted that an absolute plaque psoriasis treatment is not available as they do not exist yet. There is no cure for psoriasis however; patients will be able to reduce the severity of its symptoms. This in turn makes the condition more manageable and less troubling than before.

One of the main goals for treating psoriasis is to reduce the inflammation and plaque formation while at the same time, stop the skin cells from quickly growing. Another goal is to help the skin become smoother by removing the scales.

It is good to hear that patients today will not be finding any shortage of plaque psoriasis treatments that are available in the present. This in turn gives patients the option to choose a particular treatment that is able to cater to their preference and needs. This includes topical treatments, light therapy and systemic medications.

Topical treatments can range from topical corticosteroid, vitamin D analogues, topical retinoids, salicylic acid, coal tar and even moisturizers. On the other hand, sunlight is a good source of light therapy and is also basically free. Patients can also get controlled doses of UVB coming from their doctors with UVB phototherapy. Last but definitely not the least are the oral or injected medications for psoriasis which includes retinoids, methotrexate, cyclosporine and the likes.

Psoriasis can also affect the scalp and treating the affected area may prove to be quite a challenge especially since the hair can get in the way. Fortunately, there are over the counter treatment options for scalp psoriasis which includes shampoos that have coal tar as well as salicylic acid ingredients that works great in the hair without damaging them. Consider the remedies mentioned above in treating plaque psoriasis.

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